The staff

Batya Man

Sales Operations Manager

Responsible for the order from order to delivery to the customer. Take care of the little details too and coordinate them all.
office: 03-9511223 extension 3

Shabi Lillus

Customer Desk Manager

His hand in each hand, Responsible for bidding, Contact with the health bureaus and the Ministry of Defense. Bringing joy of life and high morale to work, To dedicated staff and care to customers. Captive experience and knowledge over twenty years.
office: 03-9511223 extension 4
Mobile: 052-4353545

Lior Ozan

Central and Southern Sales Manager

Champion in connecting devices to people, Adjusting and changing the device for the needs of the user. powered wheelchairs,
standing frames,Walking frames, Students are his field - pleasantly, Quietly and professionally.
office: 03-9511223 extension 8
Mobile: 054-7890607

Oshri Lankri

Northern Sales Manager

His hand in everything, Help anyone who calls him from screw to appliance or bath chair. No rest will be found until he leaves a satisfied customer, And solutions he has a grenade.
office: 03-9511223 extension 9
Mobile: 050-9878050

Dan Asaf


Josh Daniel

marketing manager


Yuval Bauman

Technical Service Manager

Our technical man at the center, מהנדס בכל רמ”;His organs. Has high expertise, Has high service consciousness, Will not leave the customer until a satisfactory and long term solution is provided. It is not for good reason that we have been asked to assist the Ministry of Health in the repair of their devices.
office: 03-9511223 extension 6

Yoon Assaf

Northern Technical Director

Our service center in Galilee from Afula and north, Includes home visits. Ion will come with a wide, warm smile that melts everyone, even if his mood has not improved because of a device malfunction. Together with his experience in the automotive field and together with Yuval's experience they have so far solved malfunctions of non-Glecl devices.

Hila Eliezer Finks

Responsible for supply coordination, Coordinate demos and supply of complex devices

No one can stop the aura! Do everything in order for the customer to receive his order according to his needs and time he can. A halo of happiness and light is already in the morning and all day. Care for employees and customers, Dedicated mom and… don't forget the cakes she makes.
office: 03-9511223 extension 3

Eti Lieberman


Responsible for the phone orders for eligible holders and ensures that every customer who comes to us receives what they want. תמיד עם “;יהיה טוב יותר”;, Always with a soothing smile, Diligent and maternal - quiet water that penetrates deep and deep.
office: 03-9511223 extension 3

Untitled 5

Yael Rababi


Payments, Invoices and collection.
office: 03-9511223 extension 4

Yossi Netanov


Experience of 20 A year gave him the ability to understand, to solve, Renew and implement every challenge associated with making different devices and modifications to existing ones. Yossi cares and takes every task seriously until finding the best solution for the client.

Pasha Winterob


Welding expert with experience of 20 Change light wave. Pasha has a wonderful welding capacity, His work is accurate and professional. Know how to handle a variety of metals and of course stainless steel. Inventor in his soul, Always find a suitable solution for any need.



Honest and dedicated and very sensitive and caring. Responsible in the easy wave to deliver the goods, Mostly bath chairs.

Peretz zdaka

Production team

The man and the legend! son 70+ Does everything in production like he's a boy 20. מכיר את התנ”;Go over his holes and bring the Shechina to a light wave. Do not try to keep up with the verses from his mouth or the pace of installing the chairs under his hand.

Vasily Abramovich


Avi Dvir


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