List of funds and associations that provide financial aid

The following is a compiled list of funds and charitable organizations. If you are interested in support, please contact the entire organization directly. We can't wave your name in a slight wave.

המידע ניתן לנו ע”;Parents in touch- The home of the special families


The aid: Participation in cost financing around special needs- Wild medical treatments, Rehabilitation equipment.

Her face: Through the Social Welfare Bureau or independently.

Documents: Downloadable from the internet.

Address: The grain of the land 3 Housing Dan Tel Aviv 69546

Phone: 03-6447220

fax: 03-6441203

Activity time: ימים א’;-ה’; 11:00-13:00 (Phone)

Remarks: Retroactive refunds cannot be accepted. Payment to provider and not to family, The treatments are only funded for after-school hours. ילדים עם CP יפנו קודם לאיל”;ן ועם אישור של איל”;Please contact Laureati, All details including filling out forms are on the website:

WWW.VARIETY-ISRAEL.ORG or by telephone.

גמ”;H. Keren Yeshai Association

The aid: Assist in financing surgery, Life-saving drugs and purchasing medicines that are not included in the health basket and promoting children and teens with special needs in life skills cultivation Promotion and knowledge acquisition in various subjects.

Her face: To the association's offices

Documents: Request form + medical documents (Documents that appear on the form)

Address: Chaim Vital 11 Jerusalem. For mail delivery 34205 Jerusalem 91341

Phone: 02-6521986

fax: 02-6524055

Activity time: א’;-ה’; 9:00-16:00



Ted Arison Family Foundation (Israel) בע”;M

The aid: Assists registered organizations and bodies

Her face: Only through associations and bodies and not individuals

Address: King Saul Boulevard 21 Golda Center Tel Aviv 64367

Phone: 03-6912749

fax: 03-6073101


Iterrant Website:

Remarks: Applications are only accepted in January

  • This year due to constraints, Did not open in January. It should be followed to see when the fund opens.

Loving heart

The aid: Financial aid for equipment purchase and treatment financing: Medical equipment, Unique wild medical treatments (Hydro Therapy, רכיבה על סוסים…;), Dental care, Computers.

Her face: דרך עו”;S (request letter)

Documents: דו”;H. Social, Medical certificate, Quotation and revenue confirmations.

Address: PO Box 68 Herzliya 46555

Phone: 09-9605604

fax: 09-9566945

Activity time: First and fifth 10:00-15:00 Telephone Answer (There may be changes)

Remarks: There are no retroactive refunds, Each case is considered on its merits, However, because financial aid is paid directly to the provider, It is likely that most of these reimbursements will not be approved.

Medical Friends Association

The aid: Obtaining drugs, Medication routing and patient assistance.

Her face: Telephone for appointment / registration in the computerized system.

Phone: 03-5792220

fax: 03-5792223

Address: Samuel the Prophet 4, Bnei Brak.

reception hours: 17:00 ; 09:00



The Israeli Fund for the Funding of Fundamental Organizations of the Association in Hope

The aid: Helps mainly in purchasing medicines that are not in the basket and save lives, Various accessories and funding for treatments not included in health.

Required documents: דו”;ח עו”;S. About marital status. Letter from a treating physician.

Address: Solomon Street 7 Petah Tikva (Application address).

Phone: 03-5743230 (Contact Isaac or Shifi)

fax: 03-5743234

Remarks: You can also contact privately.

Association together

The aid: Helping patients in hospitals (Parties and patient visits) Especially for children with cancer. Free shuttle and medication adjustment.

how: Send relevant medical documents, Welfare certificates, עו”;Fax and any other relevant material by fax.

Phone: 1-800-10-17-20

Fax inquiries: 153-88658261

Address: Defined 7 Ashdod.



The aid: Rehabilitation of families in financial distress by providing cost control and financial planning tools, With personal guidance and professional advice, Without financial help, Through a nationwide organization founded on volunteers.

Her face: Using the website

Phone to contact families: 03-9127150

fax: 03-9127151


The Maccabi Foundation Welfare Fund

The aid: Financial aid to members of the Fund who are in financial distress, For the purpose of financing medical treatments.

Who is destined for: To Maccabi policyholders who pay for the Maccabi Fund, Members of the Foundation over two years. Designed for children who are treated regularly and based on receipts.

Ages: 1-10 ,Somatic children up to age 18.

Total aid: Until 3,500 ₪ per year. Eligibility is re-evaluated each year.

diagnosis: By an external medical or Maccabi medical officer.

turn: Per Maccabi branch at the place of residence.

Note: Non-basket medication, Given on a social need basis.

Assistance for children with special needs: You can also give revenue to 18000 ₪ a month. From the age of 3 - beyond treatments. The reimbursement is only for medical treatments.

Form download URL:

The Israeli Association for Interest-Free Loans

The aid: The Association will grant a loan that will complete the purchase of rehabilitation accessories, Unique drugs that are not in the health basket, Disabled-loan for renovation of the apartment for expansion.

turn: טופס בקשה ודף הסבר ניתן להשיג במשרד האגודה ע”;Telephone call or website

Address: Rebecca Street 29 Jerusalem 93461. Mailing address: PO Box 10424, Zip Code- 91104.

Phone: 1-599-500-001 02-5300771/2/3/4

Remarks: The refund is made until 40 Interest-free payments.

Community Assistance Fund

The aid: One-time, financial, Especially for veteran Israeli families or families in crisis situations. Neither in ongoing social cases nor in rehabilitative and medical equipment or equipment.

Her face: באמצעות טפסי הקרן ובצירוף דו”;H. Social. Priority to send by mail!

sum: Until 1,000 ש”;H

Phone: 09-9508371

fax: 09-9543781

reception hours: א’; ; ה’; 15:00 ; 08:00


  1. The welfare committee gives priority to cases where our help brings applicants closer to economic independence.
  2. The wait time for an answer is up 8 Weeks from the receipt of the application form in our office.
  3. The Welfare Committee will only deal with forms that have been carefully filled in on both sides and with all their details.
  4. By chance and respond to the request, Please specify exactly where the check should be sent.

Medical Assistance Association

The aid: Lending of medical and rehabilitation equipment, Transporting patients to medical centers around the world, Ambulance services nationwide, וידאו קונפרנס טל –; International Medicine, Advice and guidance for professional doctors, Launch information digital, Visiting patients and humane assistance, Children's dental clinic, An array of care for cancer patients' homes, Clinics for specialist doctors for another professional opinion, Daycare and hydrotherapy pool, ייבוא תרופות נדירות מחו”;To, מועדונית –; Warm home for exceptional children.

Her face: Equipment Lending Department, During reception.

Target population: Every turn will be answered.

Address: רחוב חיד”;A 24, PO Box. 518, Bnei Brak 51371.

Phone: 03-5777000, For ambulances 1-599-515161.

fax: 03-6161177

Remarks: The organization works nonprofit and does not provide financial assistance.

Consultation with Rabbi Firer is provided by phone 03-5777001 בימים א’;, ב’;, ד’;, ה’; At 11:00.

Ailai Association

The aid: Funding projects and support for children and families with children with intellectual disabilities, Autistic, Beaten children, Orphans and children with special needs. Transportation to hospitals.

Documents are required before it: A medical report should be sent, Social report, Bid / Invoicing / Receipt for requested financial assistance, Personal application letter from the child's family, Picture of the child and photo ID of the child's parents.

Address: chrysanthemum 34/46, intelligence 71700

Phone: 052-7078845 , 08-9718494


contact: Albert asked

עמותת “;ילדים של החיים”;

The aid: עמותת “;ילדים של החיים”; Take care of sick children who need financial aid to fund medical treatments.

Address: PO Box 356 Udim Seat 42905

Telex: 09-8656064



עמותת ליט”;ל –; Reach out to stroke a special child

The aid: Financial in the field of rehab equipment, Medical and wild treatments- Medical for children with severe physical disabilities and multiple systemic disabilities

Address: Stone Street 12/5 Ma'ale Adumim

Phone: 050-9100614/5


Malky Foundation

The aid: The treatments in which the Kings are participating are: physiotherapy ,Occupational Therapy, Speech healing,Therapeutic swimming and cycling.

Required documents: על המשפחה לצרף דו”;Medical, Which took place no more than nine months before filing from a developmental pediatrician, Pediatric neurologist. הדו”;Medical care must include a diagnosis, Description of the situation and phenomena. הדו”;The medical practitioner does not have to recommend treatments for the child because the assistance provided by the Malki Foundation leaves judgment in choosing the treatments by the family.. יש לשלוח העתק של הדו”;Only medical. דוחו”;Original copies sent will not be returned by the Fund to their senders.

Address: PO Box. 53314, Jerusalem 9153301

Phone: 02-5670602

fax: 03-5423783


Gift Fund

The aid: Offers support to those in need in Israel in the medical field, Education, diet, Special Needs and Youth at Risk, Also supports organizations that give to those in need (finance) Or offering educational opportunities in Israel.

Phone: 02-561-0287/8

fax: 02-561-9255


Address: Mrs. Phyllis Jesselson Keren Matana 3 Rehov Dor v’;Dorshav German Colony, JM

גב’; Phyllis Islason , Gift Fund. 3 Dor Street and its successors, The German Colony.

It is important! nothing Refer them Directly Parents neither by phone nor by email.

הפניות הנן רק דרך עו’;SIM, Or you can contact the staff accompanying the parent.

Grants and Family Assistance Funds, Individuals and those in need from the welfare ministry

The welfare ministry is working 3 Professional grants committees to help those in need:

A. A committee to assist families and individuals in need.

B. Grants Committee for Orphaned Children in Need, until the age of 18, In community and out-of-home settings.

third. Inter-ministerial committee (In collaboration with the Ministry of Health) Provides grants to sick and disabled children and provides assistance to children and adults up to age 21.

All committees have a professional team that discusses applications submitted for the following purposes:

  • Purchase basic home appliances.
  • Dental care (לאחר מיצוי זכויות בקופ”;H).
  • Purchase of hearing aids (לאחר מיצוי זכויות בקופ”;ח וב”;סל תקשורת”;).
  • Purchase of rehabilitation accessories (After utilization of rights in the Ministry of Health).

לשם הגשת בקשה יש לפנות לעו”;Sims in social services departments or in home care settings (Only they are authorized to apply).

The application must be attached to the following documents:

  • דו”;Detailed social about us Applicant
  • Authorized Deal Quotation for the requested item
  • A reasoned recommendation is why the requested item is needed.
  • If the request is for a restoration accessory, A doctor's recommendation should be attached, Physical therapist or any other specialist concerned.
  • Confirmation from the Ministry of Health of the level of participation fees or confirmation of participation in the purchase of the product.

When to submit? את הבקשות יש להגיש באמצעות העו”;Sim to the Department of Appeals and Assistance Committees, From January to May each year.

Once approved by the committee, נשלחת בדואר רשום באמצעות העו”;S, ה”;הודעה לקבלת תשלום”; ע”;Q facing.

The applicant must present an original receipt indicating that the purchase was made.

The application must be attached to the following documents:

  • דו”;Detailed social about us Applicant
  • Authorized Deal Quotation for the requested item
  • A reasoned recommendation is why the requested item is needed.
  • If the request is for a restoration accessory, A doctor's recommendation should be attached, Physical therapist or any other specialist concerned.
  • Confirmation from the Ministry of Health of the level of participation fees or confirmation of participation in the purchase of the product.

Scholarships for kibbutz members

A. Scholarship Center for Kibbutz Movement Counseling and Rehabilitation, (sum 2000-2500 Chess.)

Entitlement: Kibbutz members (Children / Adults) Who do not receive help from other organizations.

Application is made through the secretariat of each grouping.

B. סניף איל”;Kibbutzim:

Entitlement: Kibbutz members with a muscle nerve disability (עפ”;י ההגדרות של איל”;N)

Ages: Children and also my son 18+

You can apply for an amount of up to 12,000 A thousand a year,

המלגה היא בסה”;about 50% From the actual cost i.e. up to 6,000 Chess a year.

Phone: 03-6925382

Address: Leonardo Kibbutz Movement 13 Tel Aviv.

Dedicated donations

A line to life-03-9250500

The criterion: Register as a member of the association.

A donation collection agreement must be signed directly between the association - family-donor

Variety of Israel-03-6447201(Shlomit)

They can only contribute through what is within their area of ​​responsibility.

(Money for treatments /Wheelchair, equipment).

Requires familiarity with the child, The family and the donor.

The donor must say for what purpose money is transferring overhead!!, Each case is discussed on its merits.

Providing community investors- Usually transfers funds to organizations.

In isolated and special cases, too, to the individual.

Please contact your loved one by email:

Take heart- Please contact my knees- 08-6990602.

Most donations go through special associations for sick people, But each case can also be considered for other purposes.

Must be attached: Medical Material + Sick Summary.

The Israeli Association for Family Dysautonomy-

Phone Number: 054-4458498


Applications can be attached to transfer the donation through the association.

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