Procedure for receiving a rehabilitation device

Receipt of rehabilitation device through Ministry of Health eligibility

In order to assist and simplify receiving the rehabilitation device, below are guidelines for each step in the process from the time the forms are received from the office to the receipt of the device to your home.


*Toilet chairs- The delivery date is up to three weeks of working days from the date of order opening

*standing frames, כסאות ממונעים וכיו”;Delivery time is approximately eight weeks from the date of order opening.

*בהנחיית לשכת הבריאות כל קבלת מוצר מותנית בחתימה ע”;A relative of the person entitled to a promissory note and wrote a pledge to return the instrument to the office at the end of use. Which requires the evening to be on hand at the eligible home. If there is no option on the delivery date, the forms can be sent to him and he can sign them and leave them at the eligible home, And on delivery they will be delivered to our representative.

** במידה והזכאי מחוייב ע”;The self-catered lady, The height of participation is 10% The cost of the device and it will be paid at the time of delivery or if you want to pay before the invoice credit card will send you along with the product.

Deductible for standing frames, Motorcycles will be paid when opening the order.

The guidelines listed below aim to prevent you from unnecessary waiting and delay. And simplify for you as much as possible the product acceptance process to which you are entitled.

1. Upon receipt of the certificate from the Bureau, the eligibility certificate must be sent + The attached specifications, סה”;About five pages to fax 03-9612179 Or email Please write in clear and prominent place a telephone number to return to you.

2. Upon receipt of the documents in our office during the day of receipt or the next day, our representative will contact you to confirm receipt of the fax and confirm that an invitation has been opened for you.

If a representative has not returned to you, call our office on the telephone 039511223 choose.

3. Once the product is ready our representative will call you to arrange the delivery date.

4. Upon receipt of the product it is necessary to sign a product receipt confirmation form. על טופס זה יכול לחתום גם הזכאי עצמו או מי שאיתו במועד קבלת המוצר/ מטפל/ /בן משפחה…;


Wishing you a robust health, Light wave team

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