Walking practitioner Birillo

berilo מתרגל הליכה


A walking practitioner for children, From Ormesa (Italy), Allowing children from the age of two to eight to move and be able to move themselves in a space in a sitting position

Compact product, Beautiful and comfortable! Which trains the child to walk and stimulates the movements of the legs to the right path.

From fearless walking practice, While stimulating the child's curiosity to examine and learn his environment, Hence Birillo ,Beyond his function as a walking practitioner, Is a very important factor in the child's perceptual visual development.


Exists in- 4 Dimensions
The product's unique seating position encourages correct sitting and correct movement
Allows free hands and free rotation of the waist
Has a variable height (telescopic)
Includes a safety handle to prevent falls
berilo מתרגל הליכה

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