Tilt back chair (Recline)

כיסא רחצה ושרותים רקליין


Bathroom Chair and Toilet - Allows the bathing and use of the toilet conveniently even for special handicaps.
The backrest design allows the use of the back tilt from- 90 Degrees up to 180 degrees.
The chair structure allows different facilitators in combination with different supports for maximum comfort.
Made of light wave

A durable chair adapted to the Israeli climate and standards of Israeli construction!
The chair is designed and manufactured with great care and with a desire to allow a pleasant and safe bathing experience.

The chair is available according to the Ministry of Health standard
( 3 Basic sizes) It can also be customized according to demand and needs
Every customer.


For propulsion p"Accompanying, Convenient to transport from place to place, Rear wheels with stop
Adjustable discharge legs (Out and in), Option for setting the width of the tread, Option for changing foot angle.
Made in quick schedules
Suitable for home and public institutions
Adapted to the structural changes in the construction standard: width, Opening and height of the Niagara
Made of stainless steel and easy to clean: Long life and almost no maintenance
To choose from 3 Seat types: Hard plastic, Polytyran foam (Cast seat) Or padded (The upholstered seat can be lightly sized)
כיסא רחצה ושרותים רקליין

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