Front wheel drive engine, puma 40 Ergo sat

טבלת מפרט


Wheelchair from a Sunrise Medical engine (Germany).

puma 40 Ergo sat , Front wheel drive motorized, With the best and most advanced seating system in the market.

This motorized chair is the perfect choice, Combining:

  • A revolutionary system has been established, Ergo sat , הכוללת –; Sitting and lying down in the same seat, Determine pre-planned and adjusted postures, Safe transition between poses thanks to its patented biometric recirculation system, Advanced shock absorber system.
  • Great power in engines and great maneuverability with ultimate driving comfort in all directions.


Front propulsion
A patent-pending smart seating system
Safe transition between postures while maintaining body posture against the chair and preventing slipping and falling from the chair
Custom elegant seating system- With a selection of 6 Different colors which can be changed at any time
Switching ability between 6 Custom poses at the click of a button!
Suspension system (FTSS) - A smart combination of shock absorbers and a suspension bridge that rotates between them, Ensures a smooth and comfortable ride over a degraded area, And maintaining high stability while traveling in any situation.
טבלת מפרט

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