Mini Standy DJ

עמידון מיני סטנדי dj


A unique active standby with Ormesa vibration audio system (Italy).

The stand has a fixed electronic system underfoot, Which translates to every tune / song vibrate. Vibration spreads throughout the stance and sharpens the child's senses and stimuli!

Amidon gives the child an extraordinary multisensory experience, Which energizes him and intensifies his interaction with the environment.

MINI STANDY DJ eliminates the “boredom” issue of standing in a regular stand by paying attention, Strengthening motivation and strengthening collaboration by receiving positive feedback.


Includes a unique vibration system
Allows connection of a variety of digital devices
Coming in- 3 Different dimensions
Growing up with the child
easy to use
Has a unique mechanism that allows straight standing
Has a variable table angle
Comes in nice and beautiful colors for children
עמידון מיני סטנדי dj

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