Physio Relax, Rear passive

עמידון פיזיו רילקס


Berollka passive rear mantle (Germany) Arriving at- 4 Sizes and suitable for children from one year of age to adults!

The stand is operated by a piston and allows a change of standing position to be made very easily. The position change is from a supine position to a full standing position and with the ability to stop at any stage.

The amidon is divided and therefore allows a good fit and support for every organ in the body, In addition, Amidon has a unique mechanism in the basin that provides full support!

The stand comes with a very wide range of additions and special and unique adjustments in order to give a solution and a perfect answer to the child's needs.!


Amdion is divided - Better match
Unique mechanism in the pelvis - Change of pelvic angle, For maximum support
Rigid knee supports - For full knee alignment
Growing up with the child
easy to use
Washable cloth
You can choose a cushion color and a shade
עמידון פיזיו רילקס

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