Freedom chair

The chair is developed and manufactured with the aim of being virtually maintenance-free.

To maintain it in proper condition maximum there is:

1. Clean after each use.

2. כל חודש –; Check the bolts of the wheels to make sure they are tight.

3. כל חודש –; Remove all hair from the wheels.

1. Be sure to apply the brakes, On 2 The big wheels, Before the patient's sitting.

2. Make sure the backrests are in place before transferring the patient

3. Be sure to follow the maintenance instructions carefully.



Innovative toilet chair, Suitable for carrying in a suitcase (Standard) ; Suitable for a user who wants to be free and travel anywhere, Regardless of where he is staying.


  • The chair is manufactured in three standard widths but can be manufactured according to the customer's requirements.
  • Manufactured to the highest standard.
  • It is available in three types of seats: Hard plastic, Foamed Polyurethane (cast) And padded.
  • הגלגלים האחוריים לא גבוהים מהמושב –; Allows easy transition from the bed / Another chair for the toilet chair.
  • For travel convenience 0 You can leave the big wheels in the house and leave the chair with 4 Wheels 125 מ”;M.

Technical data:


  • frame: stainless steel 304, Chemically polished, For the highest resistance to rust.
  • Rear wheels: ;20, Disintegrate in a quick unloading.
  • 4 Stainless steel wheels 125 מ”;M, 2 With stop.
  • Weight: 18 ק”;third (PU seat width 45)
  • Maximum allowable load: 150 ק”;third
  • Seat type: Plastic / COULD / padded
  • Overall Length: 850 מ”;From including legs
  • General height: 960/990 מ”;מ –; Height can be changed without tools.
  • Standard seat width: 410/450/510 מ”;M
  • General width: Seat width + 200 מ”;M
  • Clean height for the toilet: 445 or 475 מ”;M
  • Seat height: Cast polyurethane 530 or 560 מ”;M


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